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Originally Posted by dulzhok View Post
Poile's 'play it safe' mentality extends far beyond budget constraints-- draft pick tendencies, trading tendencies, rarely making significant changes, and (include any aspect of hockey operation here).
Poile does tend to play it safe, but I don't think that quite refutes Drake's assertion that it is a lot easier (or a lot more likely) to build a cup contender when you are able to spend to the cap, like the rest of the cup contenders.

Let's not forget that the biggest splash of a season the team has ever (personnel-wise) had was followed up immediately with a fire sale, the sale of the team, and a relocation scare. I'm not harping on those things to give Poile the excuse to continue on as normal, but those situations do make luring free agents a lot harder. Big name players with multiple suitors will likely mark a team that is unstable off of his list of potential future homes. When you aren't sure if the team will stay put you aren't likely to sign a NTC/NMC. If you aren't sure if the team will trade you at the first sign of financial instability you don't want to exist without the NTC/NMC.

Conversely, the most success the team has had in the post-season came during a year that it spent to the mid-point and its big move was Fisher. So I guess that does put a bit of a dent in the "money argument", if only a bit of one.

Just some other things to consider

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