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11-01-2003, 10:43 AM
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Bottom line is that the Owners want to make money. QUOTE]

Yes, that is very true. But no one in their right mind goes into a huge venture like owning a hockey team without a profit motive. The fan/owner is an extinct specie. You could say Ilitch is the exception, but he screwed his baseball team over to afford the Dead Things. (I still laugh at that article where he was voted the "best owner in sports" because of the Red Wings, and the "Worst Owner in Sports" because of the Tigers)

The NHL isn't making money right now. That has to change, or there won't be professional hockey, period, or it will be confined to the U.S. and have about as many fans as Major League Soccer. Professional sports isn't a charity. The owners need to make enough money to run their operations AND make a profit, otherwise it isn't worth it. One of the areas that needs to take a hit is player salaries. They're out of control (and, yes, I do blame the Lapointe and Holik contracts, as much as I like Marty). That means taking on the NHLPA.

There are no "innocent victims" here. The players need to be willing to make some concessions regarding salaries, while the owners need to think about restructuring the league so cities like Calgary can afford to have hockey teams.

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