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11-01-2003, 09:48 AM
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I'm going to go out on a limb and say Daigle will be gone, eventually. The main reason he's on the team is to replace the skill and speed that was absent (Gaborik). He is arguably the most non-versitile player on the team.

He is too soft. He's soft in the defensive zone, he's a weak checker in the neutral zone, and he won't even get near the boards or a defender in the offensive zone.

Even small guys like Park and Bouchard actually try to keep possesion of the puck when near the boards in the offensive zone. They may be poor at it but they're willing.

I've heard Lemaire speak of Daigle, and he's made it clear that he may be doing well in the goal scoring department but that he was going to have to improve in other areas to be kept around.

Perhaps management will keep him around, but in all seriousness, I think he should be one of the ones to go. Yes, he has 4 goals, but those are the only points he has and he's -4 (tied for worst on team among forwards). Only one of his goals is at even strength. In fact that goal (vs. NYR) was the only even strength goal that 2 of the three players has been in on together (Daigle's 2 on 1 pass that deflected off the d-man and went in). I don't agree that his line with Brandner and Chouinard has been anything worth trying to keep together.

He also doesn't kill penalties (ala Park, Laaksonen, even Darby, Dowd). He can't create momentum like Bruno can with his board work, and even Johnson can at least fight (and heck, he's +1 w/ 3 points).

I think everyone here knows how much I'd like to get rid of Barby and Johnson so obviously I'm pretty serious about my disapproval of Daigle.

I just think this team thrives on defense and I think Daigle doesn't provide enough offensive punch (maybe if he explodes on the PP w/ Gaborik? Or maybe his PP time will simply be reduced making him less effective) or anything else to compensate for his lack of defense. I also think the Wild can't afford to have too many players that are weak along the boards in the offensive zone and Daigle is another one.

On a different note, I find it interesting that people here seem to think Laaksonen is not lineup worthy or that he will be dumped soon. He is arguably the team's best penalty killer and is 2nd in average ice time among Wild forwards. I would say Jacques' opinion of him differs a bit.

I guess one could think Doug would trade him, but I doubt he'll be sent down because of lack of performance/role.

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