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11-23-2011, 11:47 PM
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I've played the ringer role a few times, usually what I do is take over the defensive responsibilities so that the rest of my team can go try things offensively. I'll very rarely use my offensive abilities, but when I do I'll only do it if my teammates are in a position where they can help themselves. Basically I'll only pass, and when I do pass it's because a teammate is getting open. If the team is behind I won't go all out to score for them, since I think it's a better learning oppurtunity for the guys on the team to lose because they couldn't get things going rather than win because I went all out. Some of the guys on the team hate this, but they're the type that only likes winning, other guys love it because it lets them test out their own abilities and puts them in pressure situations.

Of course if the other team is full of jerks I don't mind completely shutting them down and embarassing them every now and again.

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