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11-23-2005, 12:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Kingme00
Myabe it's me, but I didn't think Gauthier's hit was dirty. He had his elbows down and it looked as if Lupul was bending over slightly and Gauthier caught him with a shoulder to the chin. In regards to Fedoruk's hit, I think its all a matter of opinion as to whether or not he did the 'right' thing.

Personally, if the Kings were in a similar situation I would want the same response. The 'eye for an eye' mentally sends the stronger message. It may or may not be correct, but each person has their own opinion and that's mine. 'You kill my brother, I kill your mother' cliche.

well if your going to suspend Fedoruk you have to spend Gauthier IMO. both were high hits. granted Fedoruk did leave his feet, but if Fedoruk felt his teammates were being run than he did what he had to do. I feel bad for Nedved, but unfortunatly someone was going to pay for Lupul being run by Gauthier. Did anyone actually expect Fedoruk to go after a 4th liner?
But i do agree with you, it may not be the most popular decision but Fedoruk laying a hit like that after he felt his temmmates were being run sends a message.


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