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11-24-2011, 01:47 AM
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Originally Posted by omglolnub View Post
Sabres have done the shift-a-winger-to-center experiment. No need to do it again. Getzlaf is the Center. Come on now. Also way too much given up.
I never said anything about Ryan playing centre - IMO he is not a centre AT ALL! I said he was a star... and could be an offensive juggernaut (he had 70+ pts. last year, 64 before that) - never once did the word "centre" come up.

Depth chart with Ryan:

X. McCormick, Ellis

X. Grags

Originally Posted by Myllz View Post
Your license to post trade proposals has officially been revoked.
Originally Posted by ZZamboni View Post
The first thing that came to mind reading that proposal was OMG that is just whacked
Are you criticizing the value? I have talked to the duckies folks & Believe me, Anaheim would be looking for at least this to move Ryan, or Getzlaf - And it would still be worth it for Buffalo - Stafford(52 pts. last year) is a good player but streaky, Ennis (49 pts least year) is a good player, but undersized & unproven - Bobby Ryan (70+ pts. last year) is a star player playing on a team that really has no incentive to trade him for anything less than overpayment.

Anyone who thinks we are going to get a top-liner (centre or otherwise) without dismantling our top-6 is dreaming... any deal for a legit star is gonna cost us Ennis, Stafford, Roy. Pommer or a combination of more than one of those guys+ . The only value this team's roster has currently is in our top-6 forwards, top-4 d-men (2 of which have a NTC) & both goalies.

Go (re)voke yourselves.

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