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11-24-2011, 07:14 AM
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Originally Posted by berdush View Post
that's me, i thought i was below good, low stats cause. guess it was you cheering for my save in the game?

and yea we have a nice bunch but need to step up a bit (especially me ) i'm trying to be a team player, ready to fill the gap in team, play a position which i can handle best. last, i wanna learn one timers as a defender, anytime i try it seems silly any tactics?
It was me and Fel on the mic, yeah. I played as a C for now, but I can handle RW better as it's my natural position. That being said, I thought I wasn't that horrible as a D, either... Only that I had to play shutdown D when my natural position is more of an offensive D.

Fel is natural on the LW, he won't be moved anywhere. I'm crappy at names, but whoever playes as Schultz is bound to stay as D, too. He's good. Aside from that, positions are still open. I'd love it if we had a full 3 attacker lineup, I think we can afford an AI defender more than an AI attacker, or, god forbid, AI goalie.

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