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Originally Posted by orange is better View Post
i've been playing hockey for 12 years of my life, and i've always had trouble with finding the right pants.

my problem is i'm very tall, but i'm pretty thin. I'm 6'5'' 195lbs. my waist is a 34".

i've always used bauer, and right now i'm using the one40s that fit to my liking form wise, but are still too short.

any suggestions for pants that may run a bit longer? anyone else have a similar problem?
I'm 6'2" 175 lbs with a 33" waist.

Tackla Air 9000's in a 50 Long would fit you perfect if you have the $$ and don't mind a slightly bulkier/heavier pro level protection pant. They are actually a hair long on me and on the bigger side so they should fit you perfect. I could actually have gotten away with a regular length as I don't wear my pants that high. I paid $165 I think. I think the 48's are going to be too small for you in the waist and even in the length in a 48L. There is a local store that had them shipped to me so maybe they could do the same. It's delval hockey.

Bauer Medium Tall is another option. I was in Bauer ONE80's($100) before this and they fit very similar to the Tackla 9000 50L. I only upgraded because I have the boniest hip bones known to man and needed more protection in the hip area. I wore them 5x and still have them if you're interested.

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