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11-23-2005, 01:36 PM
Old Hickory
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It's all in your link.

But NHL disciplinarian Colin Campbell, who pushed for the new rule, also reserves the right to determine whether the rule applies on a case-by-case basis
On why he didn't issue the fine, etc

The spirit of the rule was to get rid of coaches putting out their tough guys with a minute left in the game to settle a score.

In this case, Doan is the captain and top player on the Coyotes, not a goon, so Campbell decided not to fine Gretzky and not to suspend Doan

'And that would be, is this guy a two-shift guy who was out to send a message? Was it a tough guy doing his thing and leaving his calling card? Obviously, when you're talking about Doan, he played the most minutes in the game, you're not sending him out to send a message. So I'm going to assess each and everyone when it happens.''