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11-24-2011, 09:58 AM
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Due to a shortage of goalies, I'm playing goalie in a women's beginner league. Last year the league was almost ruined by too many higher level players being idiots. Luckily this year we've mostly either gotten rid of them, or taught the couple left how to not be twits.

Here's what I see:

Good players who are fun:
* They go with the intention to help everyone else.
* Sit back and quarterback
* If they shoot, it's a wrist shot to generate rebounds instead of charging the net and blasting.
* Play mentor and teach their team a thing or two on the bench, if it seems welcome.
* Cheer the beginner making a decent play.
* Score if the puck happens to go in.

Good players who wreck the game for everyone:
*See the ice time as a chance for them to dominate
*Swoop all over the ice and grab every loose puck they can, including pucks that two newbies are battling over
*Carry the puck end to end constantly and only then let their teammates have the puck.
*On the bench they say stuff like "This is fun! I've never
got to have the puck so much!" and brag about their sweet moves.
*They score at will on the beginner goalies who can hardly move.

*And my personal favourite (being a goalie) - once they've treated everyone else on the ice like practice pylons and beat the non-existent defence and had 10 minutes to deke around me, they celebrate a goal like they just won game 7.

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