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Originally Posted by 68 View Post
A scouting job is probably one the best jobs you can have. Travel everywhere to watch young promising hockey players in different leagues/cities. Less pressure than being a coach.

I'm jealous.
Compared to what other hockey jobs?

Let's say scout vs head coach?

Let's say Scout vs asst coach?

How many scout's would love to be asst coaches or head coaches?
I bet a large majority ,likely dream .

How many head coaches want to be scouts? I say MINORITY.

Yes a scout job is the best to people not employed in hockey .In reality ,It's really near bottom rung of totem pole tho ,in the Nhl rank.


General manager
Asst Gm
Head coach
Asst coach
then scout? trainers?
team mascot

No argument here, i agree in the context it is a "good job" if you like to travel alot, and watch live hockey ...yes

Not one of the best jobs you can have.

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