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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post

what people sometimes fail to realize is that athletes are regular people as well... just very highly compensated ones.

While maxizing their earning potential is a major driving force in decision making, their perception of self-worth and how an organization either validates or undermines this, plays a major role as well.

A team that delays signing a guy to an extension, or shows little faith or trust by signing 1-year RFA deals vs. committing long-term, sends a clear message of how much they value the individual and his contributions.

when you feel like your employer values you, and shows faith in you, the likelihood of being willing to "make it work" and agreeing to a contract that is mutually beneficial (as opposed to demanding "fair market" value) increases dramatically.

some organizations get this, and thus manage to get UFA destined players to sign favorable deals relatively regularly.

others, like us, drop the ball in this department, and the end result is what we see in our roster today... a group of veterans that almost to a man are paid at the very high end of what they are worth (and that's an understatement, most of our vets are definitely overpaid compared to their contributions).

they gotta learn by simply calling him "MR" Gorges it won't help .

I feel Josh felt let down , and maybe when it's time to "pledge the allegiance to the Canadiens flag soon, "MR" Gauthier will be wearing eggs on his face ,with fans close behind him, with a cast iron frying pan .

What "suks" for Habs fans is? Gauthier watched all the other one's walk away from Gainey.
He seen Souray run for 1.25 million more , Komo run for 500,000 k more....Streit run for 2 million more....Saku for free etc etc ....

Now he let Josh get in the same boat.....

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