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11-23-2005, 02:43 PM
Joe Cole
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As someone said above, in Canada it is mandatory for 18 or younger players. For adults, a visor is the minimum you are allowed to wear in a rink.

In the Rec leagues, some of the guys take off their shields or cages anyways. All of these guys played with a shield or cage all their lives, so they are used to it. To take a stick in the eye or lose teeth in a Rec league, just so you can get that 5% better vision is just being a bozo. These are the same guys who cannot catch a hard pass... yeah the lack of a visor will make ya better.

Imagine having to miss work because you wanted to either be vain, or wanted that little extra vision in a BEER LEAGUE. Tell that to your boss.

Honestly, when the puck drops, I cannot even tell I have a helmet on. All the equipement (besides the stick and the skate blade edges) seem to become a non factor. I can't feel any of that stuff, i am too focused.

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