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11-01-2003, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by misterjaggers
Zinoviev spoke again yesterday by phone with a Russian reporter. Here's a link to the article (in Russian) on the Sports-Express website:
(And babelfish is here:

What follows is how I'd paraphrase the babelfish translation:

He is impressed with the level of play in the NHL and commented that there are so many new nuances to absorb that it sometimes makes his head spin.

Zino calls Samsonov "a splendid partner" and describes their two-on-two goal.

The Habs' were very physical [in Montreal] but it didn't yield them any goals.

Zino is beginning to understand some English, but feels insecure about his roster position so he's living in his fourth hotel...
If and/or when he settles in, learns English, adjusts to the NHL, starts to feel secure in his position, and begins to groove, then his confidence should begin to soar. If that happens, then the Bruins could have a dynamic duo that could give them a fantastic second line. This would be huge because with wonderkid looking like he will hold up over the long term on the third line, the Bruins will have a balanced and even scary attack.

This isn't just important for the sake of scoring goals, but when you take into consideration that the Bruins defense is subject to turnovers and mistakes by virtue of a cadre of #4-6 types (outside Boynton & Jillson), then they need a superb offense and outstanding goaltending to make up for it and have the best chance to win their games. I mean, it's still pretty simple, you have to score more goals than the other guy to get the W.

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