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11-23-2005, 03:45 PM
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we all know we're having road troubles...9-1 at home, 3-2-2 on the road.. like all teams (so far this year leaguewide winning % at home is roughly 55%).. the difference remains the normal little things, travel weariness, the crowd, faceoff advantages, and of course last line change for matchups...

on the road is where line weaknesses can be identified and exploited by smart coaches... so you would expect to see several things statistic wise..

first of course is the simple fact we score less goals on the road...29 in 10 games at home or 2.9 per game, 18 in 8 games on the road or only 2.25 per game

individually we have several guys who have produced more points on the road than at home and in 2 fewer games... kariya (9 home,10 away), sullivan (7 home,9 away), zidlicky (4 home,5 away), walker (2 home, 3 away), johnson (1 home,3 away),hall (2 home,3 away)

but we also have guys like hartnell...11 points at home, but only 2 away.. and perreault... 7 at home, 3 away.. and of these guys road points only 1 of them was an even strength point

in fact our second line has been exploited on the road... perreault is a 0 +/- at home, however he's a -6 on the road... hartnell is a +8 at home, but a -4 on the road...

what we see here, is the fact that other coaches can better exploit our weakest defensive line when they get last change at home... one reason i worry about games like tonight, with a guy like federov, who is the type of strong puck possession centerman that the BJ's will try to match with our second line.. one of the keys tonight will be how often federov's line gets the matchup they will want (federov vs our 2nd or our 4th line).. we have to play puck control with federov on the ice to counter this

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