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Originally Posted by goillini1996 View Post
Just bought some replacement inserts for my skates and wanted to see if anyone has any feedback on them.

I bought some of the Superfeet inserts for skates this past week with the intention of them helping my stabilize my feet in my boot. I've had Superfeet inserts in my running shoes for years and they are awesome. Eliminated all of the footpain I was having at the time and I've been hooked since.

However, when I went to my instructional class this week, I put the inserts in my skates - I have Easton S9's - it seemed like it threw my balance all out of whack.

I couldn't "feel" my edges at all. I had really been working hard on learning to hockey stop on both right and left sides at open skate. I was really confident I could do ti at my class, so as I get out onto the ice I sktart moving and go to stop and boom, TIMBER!!!, caught and edge and down I went. It was like that the whole time. It was as if i forgot everything I had taught myself. I felt like a jacka$$. It got so bad I went and switched ot the footbeds that came with the skate!!

Anyone else had this experience?

The only thing I can think of is that the new inserts forced my foot to align differently on the edge of the blade and I was not used to skating that way. Otherwise I am at a loss for ideas. Any feedback would be appreciated.


Superfeet yellow are awesome for me, totally eliminated any arch pain, and I actually feel more perfectly connected to my skates, I feel my edges better with them than with the stock insoles. For me there was zero adjustment period, they were an improvement right away.

Everyone's feet are different though, if you don't like em, don't use em.

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