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11-23-2005, 05:10 PM
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Originally Posted by nomorekids
I don't disagree...but for every player like that...there are 100 that put up big numbers in juniors and are currently toiling away in the UHL. Radulov is better than Gamache in every way, even NOW, despite the 6 year age difference.
I don't have high hopes that Gamache will be a 20+ goal scorer. However, I would not throw him into the "good junior player, sucks everywhere else category." This guy dominated juniors, as much as anyone can dominate juniors nowdays. He has dominated on the AHL, and dominated in the AHL playoffs. It's obvious that Poile and co. do not want to give up on him just yet.

But, honestly, playing him on the 4th line is probably counter productive. It's more than likely hurting his development. And that's probably why they sent him on this conditioning assignment. If all he is going to get is 4th line ice time, we might as well give up on him now.

Here are our options with Gamache:

1) Give him a true chance... multiple games on a scoringline and on the PP.

2) Wavie him. Even if he clears, it's unlikely we'd ever call him up because of the ridiculous wavier rules nowadays.

It's amazing that the same people that give Gamache ONE GAME to show his offensive skills on a scoringline, have given Legwand 6 years and counting to show his offensive skills on a scoringline.

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