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11-24-2011, 05:51 PM
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Originally Posted by JGRB View Post
That is precisely the problem, the general concensus is the only reason why he's on the team this season is because of injuries to other players and the fact he's a francophone to please the media. He's been borderline bad.

To me if your going to play on the fourth line you have to bring an element to the game, whether it be grit, toughness, PP specialist (which Darche most certainly is NOT), PK specialist, faceoff specialist, etc. You have to be great at atleast one or a couple of these things to be relevent in your 7-10 minutes of ice time. Darche isn't, he is simply a plug that often goes un noticed and doesn't effect the game in a positive or negative fashion. He's just "there" and he speaks French.

Noke is a good fourth line center, he's a big body that can win draws and kill some penalties. Ryan White is a good fourth liner because he's plays extremely gritty and brings toughness. We need another "role player" for the fourth line, Darche is not the answer.
I totally agree with your assessment. Still, last season, Darche was at putting up numbers because of his hard work which justifies him as an all-around type player. In a way that is his speciality, being all-around not bad, being average with glimpse's of upside.

As for Nokes, on 5-on-5 play I would play him on the W with Eller and AK because Eller struggles on faceoffs.

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