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Originally Posted by SLU Hockey View Post
My take on the visor thing is that if team want to mandate them to protect their investments, they can.

Not sure that the league needs to make every guy wear one.
IMO, its evolution.

Goaltenders wearing masks were frowned upon and considered wimps.

Players' helmets were considered wimpy.

Grandfather the visor in. Like the helmet.

Kids grow up with full masks and shields. Up through Junior and NCAA. They were able to play just fine with them at that level. All of a sudden they're restrictive?

I play with a full sheild. Doesn't restrict crap.

These guys worry too much about looking cool to impress their peers. Its like high school for adults.

Mandate visors.

And if it were up to me, id also mandate throat guards to protect jugular veins and wrist guards to prevent slit wrists and broken wrists.

NONE of these restrict movement or play. I use them.

Throat guard:

Simple, flexible, lightweight, breathable nylon, velcros on.

Unless someone wants to end up like Zednik.

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