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11-24-2011, 10:39 PM
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Of all the responses against my original post, I respect this one the most. If it was truly an accident, he doesn't need to be a scapegoat. We can disagree on what the play actually looked like.

What I'm getting at is that I want a club - ours or another - to actually show some leadership on this issue. It rang so hollow last year when Lemieux spoke out but had one of the worst offenders on his club.

Originally Posted by Jeds2StepOpus View Post
I don't believe for one minute Deveaux had intention to injure. It was one of those reflex chicken wing flaps, that happens sometimes...out of spastic reflex.

It was a bad hit and it was dangerous. I didn't like that Deveaux did that.

Hopefully he learned a lesson.

But sending him down for that is stupid. He's played well in his role and he's a big presence out there. He hasn't hurt the team in any way, shape or form prior to last night. I think it's uttlery stupid, mindless reactionary nonsense to all of the sudden start to scream for him to be sent down.

They won seven in a row with him in the lineup. In fact, it started with his first game up. He wasn't hurting them through those seven games and on most nights, he was helpful. Andre Deveaux has absolutely no history of this type of dangerous, dirty hit. Not in the AHL or NHL. It's obvious it was just a spastic reflex of the chicken wing. He got penalized and he'll get a suspension. And that's all he should get. He should be right back in the lineup after it's over.

And don't think Fleischmann didn't play that up and over-dramatize it. It really wasn't a hard hit to the head. Most people have hit their head harder on their bed's headboard, t han that hit. Players get hit with their own teammates sticks in practice, harder than that. Hell, every time a Rangers gets a goal they get patted on the helmet harder than that, by their own teammates in celebration. Guy deserved an Oscar for that performance. Suddenly, he's fine and plays the whole game

One bad hit and the guy gets demonized? Stupid cr*p.

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