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top-6 offense

I noticed we have reasonably similar makeups here in terms of era/location in our top-6 so I thought I'd take a look and see if there's any edge there.

Let's get the hard ones out of the way first.

Polupanov vs. Yakushev

Domestic: assist records are spotty so we have to go just by goals. Yakushev scored 162 in 400 games from 1955-1972. Polupanov scored 154 in 293, a much higher average, and from 1964-1973 he faced a much higher average competition level than Yakushev did. Easy edge Polupanov.

International: Yakushev scored 57 points in 57 games from 1959-1967. Polupanov scored 40 in 28 from 1966-1970. this was also done as a "halfback" in Tarasov's system, meaning he was hanging back more, which I think meant his offensive game was potentially stifled.

Considering polupanov produced significantly more per game, and in more competitive times, he was definitely the better producer, offset slightly by the fact that Yakushev showed fairly good longevity.

Then we're looking at three modern players and two pre-expansion versus the opposite. Since it should be apples to apples I will go with the lopsided demographics.

50+ percentage scores by post-expansion top-6 forwards (Prospal, Bonk, Walton, Connelly, Rota) - *WHA converted over at 0.67 exchange rate

Prospal: 76, 67, 65, 62, 61, 59
Bonk: 78, 64, 61, 52, 51
Walton: 91*, 71, 70, 54, 53, 52*
Rota: 67
Connelly: 76, 74*, 67

Prospal and Bonk have 11 50+ seasons to Quad City's trio's 10. They have 8 60+ seasons to Quad City's 7. However, they have two 70+ seasons between them; Quad City's guys have five. The only 80+ season among them was Walton's 1974 WHA scoring title that scores a 91.

The pre-expansion guys. Mallen, Brown and Robinson vs. Sheppard and Gainor. Here are their 35%+ seasons:

Mallen: 86, 67, 52, 38
Robinson: 76, 74, 61, 55, 50
Brown: 69, 60, 42
Sheppard: 59, 58, 51, 47
Gainor: 79, 66

Regina's guys show up 12 times here, compared to 6 for Quad City. This includes 10 50+ seasons to 5, and 7 60+ seasons to 2. Gainor is about as good as Brown, but that only ties him for the 3rd-strongest among these five.

The best thing I can say here in Quad City's favour after these three comparisons is, Walton and Connelly do have a peak edge over the rest of the modern forwards, and Walton is the most potent of them. Overall though, there is no doubt Regina's forwards in the top 6 have a very noticeable edge in their established offensive output.

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