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11-25-2011, 12:43 AM
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We both have offensive types of guys placed with defensive guys on our bluelines. It seems, though, that every time one of mine comes up, his "questionable defense" is an issue, but never for Quad City

I do agree that Makarov and Fowler both have questionable defensive attributes.

Let me remind you, There's nothing to support Dewsbury's defense; he may have been something close to the Souray of his day.

Dmitri Mironov was not a defensive player at all. He was in NHL lineups for his puck moving ability and his shot on the PP. He was often paired with better defensive partners.

Popiel was an offensive specialist. In the NHL he was never better than 4th on his team's depth chart, and was even 5th despite being a 32-point player in 1971. In 1973 in the WHA, he was 2nd among defensemen in scoring, but not an all-star. I checked all the scouting reports and it seems that he was rugged (he bullied the WHA's new swedes) there's nothing in there about his defense, and the 1975 and 1977 guides even list him as a LW - which helps to explain his scoring stats.

Boris was about the same as Dmitri, except for a few years he cut back on the brainfarts and really made something of himself. Generally speaking, he was not a great defender, more of a poor man's Zhitnik.

This is not meant as a criticism of any player, just a reminder that we both have defensemen more valued for their offense than their defense - I have two of them and you have four - two of them paired together, even.

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