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11-25-2011, 01:03 AM
Rob Scuderi
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Appreciate the quick response.

I'm not sure where you encyclopedic knowledge of defenders TOI comes from but I appreciate you setting me straight about Sweeney. Perhaps I just overvalued this or misunderstood it.

Paired on defense with Ray Bourque for 757 of his first 815 NHL games. No other Boston defenseman played as many games in a pairing with Bourque.
I'd imagine playing 700 games with a top 10 defender would lend itself to tons of TOI, but as I only have hockey-reference numbers which start when Sweeney was 33 I really don't have all the information here.

I'm there with you on some of the other close calls though. Wiebe vs B. Mironov is an interesting comparison of two really good bottom pairing guys. Same with Fowler and Dmitri, if Fowler wouldn't have been so damn stubborn and moved to New York then he probably wouldn't be available at this point.

I was definitely harsh on Paladiev as well but here's why:

Evgeny Paladiev played in 3 games, collecting no points. The following comments, made by Oleg Spassky who was a sportswriter with Smena, sum up Paladiev's series very well:

"Some of our players looked out of place with the Canadian professionals. Paladiev was one of them and that is why he didn't see much action in the series."

The only quote by the defenseman we can find seems to suggest that Paladiev would agree with Spassky's comments:

"I thought I was prepared for the series, but that was a mistake. I had no idea professionals like Peter Mahovlich and Dennis Hull were so strong."
To your point these are players that outclass AAA's, but it wasn't only the premier slot/netfront presence of his time who troubled Paladiev. But like you said in a direct comparison in Snepsts it's not wholly clear either way as he plenty of his own warts.

Also I didn't realize Hardy earned that TOI over such quality players when I made my initial assessment so that's definitely an interesting development. It'd be one thing if he did for a year or two but 5/6 is pretty convincing. Honestly the thing that kills me most with Popiel is the fact that he finished where he did but still didn't make the WHA HOF. You have to wonder if he was a beneficiary of having the family Howe on his teams too. I don't think Popiel is a poor pick or something like that but I don't think he has much a case to be better overall than the Mironovs despite the fact I picked Popiel up first for some reason. I like Poul's offensive game over Boris though, hence the 1st PP pair, so he still provides value to my club.

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