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Originally Posted by mattman16 View Post
SMU just isnt the same team they were last year.Since the national championship team they have lost quite a few key guys who have done the following in the last 2 years.

Andrew Hotham-54gp,76 points,14 goals,62 assists,+27, AUS MVP,CIS defenseman of the year,2 time team team MVP,1st team CIS All-Canadian,2-time 1st team AUS all-star

Cam Fergus-54gp,71 points,33 goals,38 assists,+19, 2-time CIS(AUS) most sportsmanlike player(Could be back after things in the ECHL didnt work out)

Marc Rancourt-27gp,41 points,8 goals,33 assists,+9,Left the school in 2010 as captain and former CIS Player of the year,AUS first team all-star

David Macdonald-54gp,55 points,9 goals,44 assists,+28,2-time AUS second team

Cody Thornton-28gp,33 points,24 goals,9 assists,+1,left school in 2010,2-time AUS second team all-star

SMU have always had slow starts and at last years AUS championship game 5 the game was lost in OT have the puck had stopped in the front of the net due to the rink operators beautiful ice job but in the St Thomas game it seemed as if they barely squeaked out with the win so for the way they have played as of late but i think a 7-4-1 record is a good start.The national championship year record was 16-8-4 and they have won AUS championships with 14 win years so I personally count them out for the AUS title but with UNB and Acadia in the conference who they have a 1-5 record against so far combined and have to face another 4 times it wont be easy.
Just a Note you do realize Cam Fergus still plays for St Mary's right? College Hockey is constantly a revolving door and thats the name of the game, replace players with Quality Recruits. I have to say in the first bit of the season I thought St Mary's was looking really bad, but theyve got better with each game and are playing well, but would you expect anything different with a Trevor Steinburgh Coached team? They had some solid new recruits who needed some time to gel, and they are now. the biggest Difference with SMU is Hotham, McDonald the Other Hotham at one time, Rancourt and Cody Thorton had the best Power Play Ive ever seen in the CIS, that was their bread and butter, but theyre finding other ways to win now. Cam Fergus is the only one remaining that used to get first line Power Play Time, and i think hes been playing a little hurt the past year and a half, back problems or something

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