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11-01-2003, 11:20 AM
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solid game...

points i would like to make:

I don't like Weimer on the Peca/Parrish line. Seems like the Isles are trying to spark something there. Weimer doesn't compement either of those players. He lacks the skating to stay with them, the puck movement to make the pass, and his 'hitting' doesn't add any new dimension to those players b/c they do hit. If Isles are going to keep Bates on the 3rd line, then I'd rather see them bring give someone from the 4th line time with Peca/Parrish.

Weimer's penalty in the 1st was a direct result of him not skating. he just hooked for a ride. if he moved his feet there would be no penalty, but he just hung on.

Jonsson - great game overall. he made a lot of great plays and his stop in front of the net was HUGE.

Papineau - nice assesment Big Peca about him being shaky. however, on most plays he had the space to make a contribution and came up empty. he needs to take advantage of the ice time he gets. right now it seems like Sterling is keeping 4th line duty to Rookies and a lackluster veteran.

Hunter - nice game. His goal was a momentum changer. When Jiggy came in and Ducks got a goal, I could see the next goal was going to determine an Islander collapse or a victory. That 4th goal was key in how the 3rd period played out.

Ricky - decent game. isles minimized his shots against again. however, he needs to take that extra look before he makes the off the glass pass when the opposing team is forechecking ON THE BOARDS. he almost got caught by Federov today.

Janne - great game. loved his excitement over Hunter's goal. Janne made a great play just to keep the puck in the zone and then it turned into a goal. he took some shots from the point on the PP with one missing.

1st Line - another great game. great passing by Chow. Kvasha was very patient on his goal by making a smooth move. Yashin was firing lasers all game. would have been nice for him to land that behind the goal line tuck he tried. he was 23% on faceoffs though (4-13)...

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