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11-25-2011, 08:36 AM
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Flames finish last season was misleading

Ken King met with the Flames and Feaster in St. Louis yesterday.

The details of their conversation won’t be made public — but it’s worth asking.

“Not nearly as romantic or as mystical as you think,” says King. “It’s just a real good chance to get a real good understanding of where everybody’s at.”

King is asked to describe his role at this moment.

“Support,” he replies. “This is just getting an understanding of where they’re at. It is not telling them what to do — or how to do it or why to do it. They need to know that they’re in control and they have support. That’s what I was doing there. That’s what I would do on the bus. That’s what I would do on the plane.”
King does admit that last season’s brisk trot through the middle stages — 22-6-6 in one stretch — may have been misleading, may have led to unrealistic expectations.

“I think we were all teased a little bit from Dec. 28 onward,” he says of the sterling record following Darryl Sutter’s dismissal a general manager. “I think we thought we were further advanced than we actually were. Maybe we should have been smarter. Maybe we should have been able to see that that wasn’t quite as firm as we thought it was. Nevertheless, so be it.”
Interesting article. On one hand, it makes me facepalm because it was clear to a lot of people that the Flames played over their heads last season and expecting them to continue playing at a near-.700 clip all of this season was insane. On the other hand though, it's kind of refreshing to see that there is some thought being put into this from management and that they're not just sitting there with their finger up their ass waiting for the sky to fall.


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