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11-25-2011, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Langway View Post
I don't worry about KHL $$$ so much as his loyalty to Traktor, his perceived readiness to make the jump and perhaps a willingness to remain in order to endear himself further to the RHF. Less so the last as he seems like a head strong individual but it is a dynamic at play.

I would nonetheless be surprised if they managed to sign him to an ELC without performance-based bonuses regardless of what KHL offers are made.
I was considering a maximum combined contract + performance bonuses-laden package of $3.9M to be a given, myself. Sort of like the Ruutu ELC deal with Chicago. Atypical, but the only way to lure him over. Still wonder if it will be enough to offset all the other factors driving him to remain in Russia. The KHL has not shown that it can compete as a whole, but it can compete to retain the attentions of particular Russian players that it covets, just shy of the top-tier level. They're going to make him a Radulov sort of offer.

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