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Originally Posted by ymorin007 View Post
agent said that the Bleu Blanc Rouge promised Avtsin that he would play 10 matches this season.

Anyone had a chance to see him play this year? Any progress? He has been one of the top youngster talked about in this community and I was wondering if all the hype is still on?
That seems unlikely, I find it hard to beleive that PG would say that but I guess we'll see. He started off looking terrible but since he's been with Leblanc he's looked much better so hopefully he can keep it up. If he does and we get hit with injuries up front then perhaps he will get a look at some point.

Originally Posted by The Kremelin Wall View Post
He was on the fourth line for 12 of those games.
He started the year on the 3rd line but was so bad he got moved to the 4th line. He looked terrible, was a turnover machine so he got demoted.

Originally Posted by Pine View Post
I believe that if he doesn't play ten games, his elc will slide for another season
It shouldn't, he contract slid last year since he was 19 but now that he's 20 it shouldn't slid.

Originally Posted by Goldthorpe View Post
Had you seem him play or practice, you would understand. The kid is extremely, extremely skilled. Magic hands, good skater, and the right frame to go with it all. He just can't seem to pull it all together.
I don't know if I would agree that he is extremely, extremely skilled. He's skilled for sure but I really don't know how skilled he is as most of the stuff he does in games just doesn't work. Good size and speed for sure, every so often he shows flashes of impressive hands but most of the time he's just invisible or tries to do too much which most often leads to him turning over the puck.

Originally Posted by overlords View Post
The people bashing on Avtsin are probably the same ones who said emelin would never play for the habs, and that when he finally did come over, that he'd suck.

Not saying he deserves a shot, because he doesn't - yet. But the hate this kid gets is ridiculous.
I've been basing Avtsin cause he's looked terrible. I have seen just about every single game he's ever played in North America, I really really hope he can learn to put it all together. I have been pimping Emelin since before we drafted him, although I was starting to get the feeling we might never see him over here like Korneev.

Originally Posted by KingAvtsin View Post
Please ! Anyone who hasn't seen him play refrain from making stupid comments like HE IS NOT READY ! I saw him play. He will benefit from a call up. He has Great skill and is fast...

Watch him play before bashing him.
I've seen Avtsin play in the MHL, I've seen in play in the KHL, I've seen him play over 70 times in the AHL, and I've seen him in the NHL preseason. He is not ready, and I don't see him getting called up any time soon, although he is looking better he needs to build off that first before they think about calling him up.

Originally Posted by RE-HABS View Post
I could see it as a motivation or promise to him if he performs well in the AHL, if he doesn't he doesn't get his cup of coffee. Only other reason, to keep him from bolting to the KHL so he can come up and make $10,500 per game compared to $800 per game in the AHL.
That does make some sense but I still don't see the Habs doing this. If he doesn't improve in the AHL then he shouldn't get called up, not even if he threatens to bolt back to russia.

Originally Posted by KingAvtsin View Post
Yes of course he will ! The same leblanc who is in his 1rst year pro. Avtsin played in the KHL and in the AHL. He has more experience than Leblanc. We aren't rushing Leblanc like we did for patches.
Leblanc should easily get called up before Avtsin, especially with the coaching staff we have in place. If people are worried that JM won't play Emelin, then what do you think JM will do with Avtsin? When Avtsin is standing at the redline while the puck is deep in the defensive zone, what do you think JM will say to him? He he rushes the puck up ice only to try and skate through half the team and ends up turning the puck over, what do you think JM will say to him then?

Leblanc plays hard at both ends of the ice and is solid in his own end while being able to create chances in the offensive zone. Something JM will like much more no matter who has more experience.

Originally Posted by poetryinmotion View Post
I know I'm really nitpicking here but why the emoticon? It would be advantageous to both parties for Avtsin to get a couple of games in the NHL just to see where he's at. To this day, nearly every single player that the team eased in the lineup has either become an asset or is playing for us.
I don't see the Habs bringing up him to see where he's at. The Habs at this point are going to be fighting for their playoff lives, I can't see them calling up a skilled player that is still very raw overall just to see where he's at. We need to do whatever it takes to win every game so calling up Avtsin just to see where he's at seems unlikely. Granted with the way injuries have gone this year for us, I'm not saying he couldn't get a look but imo it will only be if he's improved his all round game first and we would likely need several of our top forwards to be injured for him to get the call.

Originally Posted by The Kremelin Wall View Post
Worked for Sergei Kostitsyn and Mikhail Grabovski.
I guess you don't watch the AHL that much, Grabovski-A.Kostitsyn duo dominated the AHL, they were great together and deadly in the shootout. S.Kostitsyn also looked much much better then Avtsin has ever looked.

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