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Originally Posted by gopreds19 View Post
So we're not as bad as Failumbus, gotcha, that's nice. Just because we drafted 1 forward doesn't mean he shouldn't have gone after another. When Poile has gotten his "defenseman", it hasn't stopped him from picking up others time after time.
The point was that every team can complain about every draft. It's the nature of the beast, my friend. What you have to take from a draft are a few successes. Otherwise, you continue to dwell on the near misses for eternity. We drafted Wilson. We drafted Josi. We drafted Lindback. That's successful for a single, not-so-deep draft.

I mean, we could trade Weber and Suter to draft Nail, right? Should we? Probably not. You cannot draft continually for a single position. What happens if Poile drafts forwards because our forward corps, as of right now, is not so potent? What if our defense begins to suck? We become the Islanders. Or Edmonton every year since 2005 (until this year). Or Anaheim.

When you draft you think about future needs, not immediate concerns. If you draft for immediate concerns your team ends up in the toilet. Future needs at the time? A power forward. Wilson. A goalie of the future. Pickard (probably bust). A two-way defenseman. Josi. Etc.

Eberle is good, but he is young. There is no proof that he can produce like he does on a team like ours. You really cannot successfully use him in an argument.

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