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11-25-2011, 11:25 AM
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Originally Posted by kovazub94 View Post
Ironically, in KHL there is a discussion to make rinks smaller for the entertainment value.

Separately, other than those defending Deveuax' hit as accidental, I'm totally dumbfounded by his other defenders - it was only months ago before everyone was outraged by Cook's hit on McD. The only difference is that Deveaux is the first time offender.
There's a big difference between what Cook does on a regular basis and what Deveaux did. Yes, their history speaks vloumes about each individual player. Cook, a mutil-repeat offender. Deveaux, never did anything like this in any league he played in, in his whole career. Then you watch the video, and if you actually played the game, you realize what happened. It wasn't intentional. It was spastic reflex in response to Deveaux's body passing Feigningfish's body postion and Deveaux wanted to lay a clean hit on him. So in a last ditch effort of spastic reflex, your brain tells your body to at least catch/tag a part of his body (chest, shoulder, arm) with a chicken wing flap.

I've seen it happen many times in games I played in and have done it myself many times.

Usually, the chicken wing doesn't catch the guy's head. Unfortunately, accidently, this time it did.

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