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Originally Posted by toddmanley View Post
Yeah, feet are definitely different. On a whim I decided to hit up my LHS and try on some different skates (currently in a pair of Easton S17's). I took my Superfeet insoles along to drop into the skates to see how they would work since I have really high arches.

I tried on a pair of One100's and they felt really good; however, when I dropped in my Superfeet insoles the fit didn't feel as good. For my foot, I felt like the Superfeet insole lifted my heel about a 1/4" higher than the stock insole and caused my ankle bones to get out of alignment with the boot. I'm sure baking the boot would make a difference, but once I put the stock insole back in the boot felt much more comfortable.

I might explore and see what other options are out there where I can get the arch support without altering other fit aspects.
Whenever you put Superfeet into a pair of skates, you have to rebake them (make sure the Superfeet aren't in the oven with the skates though) because like you said, it lifts the heel a bit.

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