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11-01-2003, 11:36 AM
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Originally Posted by camboy
No way Moreau gets traded in that kind of deal. I think he is as close to "untouchable" as it gets on the Oilers. MacT and Lowe love his leadership....and he is very affordable. I fail to see where giving up Smith for Modin could help the Oilers. How about Smith and Pisani and a 3rd for Kubina? Smith and Pisani would shore up TB's defence....where as Kubina gets the Oilers a PP qb and a roster spot for Rita. Just a thought.
actually, only very recently has ethan moreau become a valuable member of the oilers. lots of people here see him stepping into marchant's previous role, but lowe likes to pull the trigger on players when he can get the most for them, and if he sees moreau as topped out right now, he just might include him as part of a larger trade that would send a stud defenseman back to edmonton, as we are really lacking on d right now, so maybe not this deal in particular would not work

with prospects like bergeron, lynch, and others possibly being able to step into full roles in the lineup next year, the need for smith and cross would be minimal, as the oilers thrive on speed. jason smith IS a warrior, and we would be very sad to trade him, but the fact is, he just might walk soon anyways as the end of his contract is near. we know all too well how bad that is (ala cujo), and klowe has been efficient in stopping that from happening.

the oilers desperately need a second line. a potential 30 goal threat like modin (even though he has lacked the last two years), on a speedy team like the oilers could be a thing of beauty. i've seen him play, and when you guys got him from the leafs for nothing i couldn't sleep for a week knowing the oilers could have had him for that price.

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