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11-25-2011, 03:59 PM
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Tyrell, one of the last cuts in camp, admitted he was disappointed and a little caught off guard, but took the situation in stride and played well with AHL Norfolk. Boucher praised Tyrell for how he handled everything, said he'd bring some energy, speed to the lineup, pointing out that, pound for pound physically, he may be the strongest player they have.
"Tyrell is here to play, we didn't bring him up to sit," Boucher said. "He played great in the American League, he did what he's been doing since he's been with this organization and that's the drive with incredible speed, he pays the price, he's reliable defensively. And that line last year was tremendous for us with Tyrell, Thompson and Hall. And right now we feel that if we can get something that worked really well for us, it just adds on to something that can give us some consistency."
On Blair Jones:
"The way it works in the NHL is you get a little ice time and if you do something you get a little more," Boucher said. "What happened was, I think he got a little nervous and that prevented him from skating the way he can, from making the plays the way he can and he became nervous defensively, too, which caused him to lose his game.

"So being in the stands, losing his game, losing confidence, we feel it's better off for him getting some ice time in the American League, become a jack-of-all-trades down there and getting his confidence back."

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