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Originally Posted by RJC View Post
So I take it you work for them..
Was this directed at me?

If so, I definitely don't work for them - I live in Atlanta, GA and work for an IT company in Tampa, FL. The only reason I wrote a review was to help people like me - I was very skeptical when I bought the elite stick because I'd never heard of Tron before. I looked high and low for a review for that stick and, after not being able to find one, I decided to give it a try and write a review.

I definitely do NOT work for Tron.

In regards to an update on my purchase:

I've got about 10 playing hours on the stick ( 4 games, a few practices and some pickup games) and it's still holding strong. I took a shot off the shaft in my last game and there is a nick on the shaft - can't tell if it's a crack or just a surface nick. Still seems to hold strong so that's good. The blade is still as stiff as when I bought it but it's making a little crinkling noise when I try to bend it. It's still stiff so I'm not too worried. I plan on using as absolutely much as possible within the first 30 days so if it breaks I can get another one. So far, I'm very happy with my purchase.

On another note - a good buddy of mine bought a Tron LE stick one day after I bought mine (he bought his on November 8) and it JUST ARRIVED TODAY... that's 13 shipping days and USPS's fault - not necessarily Tron's fault. One thing I would recommend is make sure they either ship it via USPS Priority or pay extra for the UPS shipping or else you could be waiting three weeks to receive the order... My buddy was not amused whatsoever.

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