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Originally Posted by Teufelsdreck View Post
This is getting off topic but I'm not impressed by Mensa. In the 1990s I briefly dated a woman Mensa member and met some of her acquaintances. They struck me as insecure and socially maladjusted, trying to prove something to themselves. Is this sour grapes? No, I believe I could qualify if I cared to join. My mother used to brag to her relatives about how intelligent I was but I hated it because it made me unpopular. I'm bright but I don't pretend to be brilliant. In my professional career I interviewed a number of people who actually were geniuses, and some won Nobel prizes. In 1960 I was privileged to spend a morning with Werner Heisenberg at the Max Planck Institute for Physics and Astrophysics. Prof. Heisenberg asked if we should conduct our interview in English or German. I told him I might be able to discuss a menu in German qith him but that I would be incapable of venturing into his field of expertise. As I expected, he proved to be fluent in English. He autographed one of his books for me and gave me a copy of one of his manuscripts on a unified field theory that would reconcile quantum mechanics with gravity (which still hasn't been accomplished down to the present day). I understood nothing of it and I donated it to a university but I kept the autographed book. I remember his tie tack. It was in the shape of the Planck constant, an h with a diagonal slash on the descending arm.
I love this post. (And just in case, I'm serious, it's great )

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