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11-26-2011, 07:19 AM
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Originally Posted by Lugaid View Post
I think that's because our forward crop we've sent in recent Olympics have been fantastic.
No arguments from me there. But we are one of the great hockey nations of the world. That's the standard that has been set for such a long time that I think it's fair to expect us to be competing for medals every Olympics.

Originally Posted by Lugaid View Post
We don't have a Sundin anymore, but can we really expect to have one every time? I do agree though that we will appear a bit more pale, we don't quite have the same spice, still, I don't see either of those players declining too much, not even Zetterberg who has had a horrdendous start to this season.
I'm really hoping Zetterberg picks things up. At his best, he's such a great and useful player but hasn't looked the part for a while now.

Originally Posted by Lugaid View Post
And on the plus side, we'll come to the 2014 olympics with probably the best set of goalies we've seen in a long while, gone are the days where Salo was pretty much our only choice. The defense looks fantastic as well, I look at some of the suggested D-pairings and we still have some really talented guys outside of the squads. Take a guy like Calle Gunnarsson for example who is getting praised in Toronto, and I really liked what I saw from him last WC too - he doesn't even make a lot of peoples squads here, and take into account that Lidström will have retired by then, that says quite a lot about our depth defensively.
Again, no arguments whatsoever. G + D is looking absolute incredible for the future. Which is partly why I really hope that we get a couple of great young forwards to accompany them so we can truly compete with the likes of Canada and Russia. Seems like the next bunch of promising kids coming through are mostly forwards, so that's encouraging.

Originally Posted by Lugaid View Post
We'll see how guys like Pääjärvi works out, some people are saying bust, but maybe all it takes is that he gets paired with RNH a couple of games to get him going, confidence means everything in a young player's career. I'm happy to see that OEL seems to be evolving in the right direction, he's very young but he's already looking like he'll have a bright future after some early problems with getting scratched and so on.
I used to be very high on Pääjärvi, but I fear the critics were right and have been thinking that since last season.. It's still early for him, b ut he just doesn't seem to have the hockey sense or hands to really become a well producing star. More of a Stålberg then a Hossa I'm afraid to say. Got a bit overrated after dominating junior competitions and putting up a lot of points against second rate teams at the WC's. He also seems to be mis-handled by Edmonton, to make matters even worse.
OEL though.. sky's the limit for that kid. His skating and mind-boggling breakout passes makes him such a treat to watch.

The main reason why I brought all this up is because of the immense amount of cred our junior development has got in the last few years. And sure enough we're stacked with d-men and goaltenders all of a sudden which is obviously great to see and there are a lot of forwards with an NHL future too... but it's also worth noting that we arguably haven't seen a wonderkid forward come through since Bäckström half a decade ago.

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