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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
in a perfect world? sure. if the caps continue to slide and need an in season change, what is the alternative? let dean evason coach the team til they find someone? go the interm coach route and when the team picks it up under the interm coach, hire him for the obvious reasons or fire him anyway?

if the idea is to chunk the season, they might as well keep boudreau regardless and then can him off season. but that could be intolerable, if things dont improve.

i certainly see problems with hiring hunter who has no professional coaching experience. but i also dont see the instant cup that many see coming because changing boudreau is the key to a cup.

do many here still want to see a hard driving/accountability driven coach after the caps best players(player) seems to responded badly to the whip being cracked? half the roster has been benched or healthy scratched by now. is another coach like bob hartley who is harsher yet going to get a better performance?
is the next coach another players coach?

by the way...why kirk muller? muller is basically a devils style trap coach. is that the best use of the caps roster? food for thought.
In short, yes. It's about when you crack the whip. If you're buddy buddy with the guys and need to tighten up the discipline it's much harder to do. There is a lot more push back. If you come in and crack the whip to not only shake up the team but also establish what I say goes it's much more effective. That isn't to say you have to be a task master but you can't be lax and then decide to make the guys jump. It's significantly more difficult.

BB did not establish and maintain enough distance/discipline over his tenure so now that he is cracking the whip, no one is jumping.

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