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11-26-2011, 09:07 AM
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Originally Posted by Gump Hasek View Post
The Jets over their past five games have garnered nine points out of a possible ten; that is great and is also fairly obvious. What is stems from though is really good coaching.

Huddy: He has the D playing as a unit, they have each others back. They were a very disparate group to begin the year, playing as individuals. Early in the season when the Jets took possession in their own end the entire team used to rush up the ice like bats out of hell and single turnovers proved costly as a result because there was no backup. Now the Jets D always back each other up, and this is no more blatantly obvious than when play is behind the goal line in their own end. Whenever a d-man has the puck in the corner, his partner moves toward the opposite side to ensure an outlet if there is trouble; they just reverse the flow of the play and then move it out. So solid. The breakouts are also quick and crisp.

Vincent: In charge of the forwards, he has them head-manning the puck efficiently on breakouts near every time. His special teams work is showing benefits as well. On offense they pass the puck and work to also create passing opportunities for each other. They are creative with the puck, but only to an extent and as a result are clearly intentionally throwing many more pucks at the net and are grinding it out in front for rebounds. Think of how many goal mouth scrambles they caused in front of Ward last night; they could have scored a few more against Carolina if given a bounce or two down low. They've now actually out shot the opposition the past few games.

Noel: Has the team working as a cohesive unit. At times they looked like the Red Wings of old last night, they were literally advancing the puck offensively in waves via an efficient puck possession game, in wave after wave. They dominated the game momentum last night for at least forty minutes. They are also playing VERY WELL in the neutral zone without the puck, are cutting off passing lanes, are trapping effectively.

If the Jets play this sort of a team game again tonight they can beat anyone, including Boston.
According to Paradise in the Bruins thread the Bruins should kill the Jets cause of our poor coaching.

Who should I believe??? So conflicted!

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