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11-26-2011, 10:20 AM
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Originally Posted by Fallschirmyager View Post
In short, yes. It's about when you crack the whip. If you're buddy buddy with the guys and need to tighten up the discipline it's much harder to do. There is a lot more push back. If you come in and crack the whip to not only shake up the team but also establish what I say goes it's much more effective. That isn't to say you have to be a task master but you can't be lax and then decide to make the guys jump. It's significantly more difficult.

BB did not establish and maintain enough distance/discipline over his tenure so now that he is cracking the whip, no one is jumping.

Also, the players know bb. This new bb may be a lot more forced, not natural, and seen as fake. Also if it's not natural, he could really suck at understanding when to push buttons.

Lastly, a new coach isn't going to get fired. Players know they can't wait him out.

Not saying any above is true. Just reasons why you can't transfer accountability/discipline by BB to a new coach.

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