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11-26-2011, 10:25 AM
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Originally Posted by Carey Price View Post
1-Where has Martin ever said he doesn't want an energetic and gritty 4th line? With everybody healthy the 4th line would be a combination of Nokelainen Moen Darche and White. that brings the two elements you mentionned plus strong defensive play, that's probably THE most important part of a 4th can have grit and energy but if you get scored on twice a game, you are hurting the team, not helping it.

2-Have you watched PK Subban? When has his creativity been killed? Yeah we would definitely be a better team with our big minute d-man(Subban) not being defensively responsible, let's turn him into Byfuglien...brilliant!

3-Plekanec hasn't been on the point all 20 games, he started the season there because of Markov being out, then they took him off. After 3-4 bad games where they went 0 for 11 they put him back 3 weeks ago and they had 3-4 good games. The game last night he was on the point for 3 and then they went to Subban-Weber at the end...PP still was crap. As much as we need markov back and Plekanec up front, Pleky has been our best point man. last night the PP struggled mostly because just about everybody on it was terrible with the puck on their stick, and the ones without the puck were just standing around and not trying to get open for a pass.

I know you are desperately trying to blame JM for all the team's problems, but some of your points make no sense at all. If anything his coaching has helped keep the team afloat with 4 veteran defensemen out of the lineup(plus 2-3 forwards on top of that).

If I was to blame him for anything last night, it would be not calling a timeout in the second period and tearing into his team, it was obvious after 5-6 minutes that the whole team was playing like crap and needed a wake up call, a Tortorella-style tirade.
Your post makes it sound like the team has only recently struggled, when in fact, it has struggled to make the playoffs every year since Martin arrived. I think he lacks both vision and creativity. Or maybe he is just stubborn. Often times, he doesn't try solutions that may be a bit daring and sticks to what hasn't been working.

How about Emelin on the PP. He has played there before.... more than Pleks I would say. I am sure everyone here could come up with a dozen reasons why that would be a bad idea. I have only one reason that I would try it... it might work. Could it be worse than what we have now?

I still believe that with Martin at the helm, we will be mediocre... not matter who is on the roster because he will find a way to misuse the talent or squeeze the creativity right out of them.

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