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11-26-2011, 09:36 AM
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I hate their fanbase more than the actual team. Like others have already said, they are nothing but arrogant and casual fair-weather fans. If the _ucks continue to eat a dick (and I hope they do), and the Kings somehow go deep in the playoffs...I guarantee you we get a lot of new "fans". Whenever I wear my Kings hat _ucks "fans" first assume it's for the basketball team. Then when they find out it's for the NHL, they inform me they like the _ucks because, "they won it all once, right?" It's hilarious. I also know a dude who couldn't name more than three people on the _ucks, but constantly talks **** to me about the Kings. Whenever I come back at him he responds with, "Yeah, but we won the Cup". I'm sure that dude never even saw them win the Cup in real time. He just saw highlights and said, oh I'm a _uck fan now.

So in closing, **** the _ucks. I hope they stay on the bottom of the league until the end of time. The End Of Time.

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