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11-26-2011, 09:53 AM
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An effective disciplinarian has a clear-cut way the team is supposed to play. They're black and white all the way down the line and that certainty is where the motivation comes from. It's not just making players accountable but the reasoning behind it and the strength of that personality from a preparation standpoint. It's the difference between a natural philosophy...and posturing.

This group has the look of a team that folds under pressure because they still don't execute with nearly enough tempo, chemistry or work ethic. In increasingly frequent fashion, they show up lacking urgency in their game and let the opponent dictate the style of play. If they match the opponent's focus and the opponent relents they're fine. If the opponent is on a roll, forechecks aggressively and plays 60 minutes they're in trouble. It's precisely the sort of thing that makes them a questionable playoff team because most every team in the league these days plays that sort of aggressive game. They're not going to go anywhere playing passive or not having their possession game in order and that's been an issue for going on eleven months now.

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