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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
here's what i dont buy. that another figure telling ov to sit on the bench is going to make a dent.

part of what i read in this mess is those that wanted players benched and scratched for poor play didnt consider that the focus of such accountability would be ovechkin. if ovechkin goes sour, the entire team goes down.

i see what you are saying that boudreau was the wrong person to deliver the medicine. i think you are playing with fire if you think its not a risk to bring someone new in with the same or nastier tasting medicine and think that ovechkin is going to return to his old self.

the whip is still the whip.
The whip is still the whip but it's very different when it's delivered by someone you're not buddies with. This is the specific reason that when a young soldier is first promoted into a leadership position, they move him to at least a new platoon where the soldiers he now has to lead aren't his friends. The resistance is formidable. When a guy you don't know is given that authority he has a distance you don't have with a friend.

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