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11-26-2011, 10:21 AM
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Originally Posted by HCH View Post
Your post makes it sound like the team has only recently struggled, when in fact, it has struggled to make the playoffs every year since Martin arrived. I think he lacks both vision and creativity. Or maybe he is just stubborn. Often times, he doesn't try solutions that may be a bit daring and sticks to what hasn't been working.

How about Emelin on the PP. He has played there before.... more than Pleks I would say. I am sure everyone here could come up with a dozen reasons why that would be a bad idea. I have only one reason that I would try it... it might work. Could it be worse than what we have now?

I still believe that with Martin at the helm, we will be mediocre... not matter who is on the roster because he will find a way to misuse the talent or squeeze the creativity right out of them.
In the two 1/4 years JM has been here his top player(Markov) has played a grand total of about 50 games out of 180. That limits a lot of your decisions. People want a more offensive team, well in order to do taht you need a healthy Markov. 1-because it does wonders for the PP and transition game. and 2-because your forwards don't have to cheat defensively as much if you have a solid, veteran defense.

I think trying Emolin in the point is not a bad idea.

When you don't have all your "bullets" and are missing 4-5 or 6 regulars, you have no choice but to tighten up defensively because you won't win too many games playing run and gun and leaving your 3 or 4 rookies on defense exposed. Pittsburgh had to do it minus Crosby and Malkin, TB did it minus Ohlund and a couple others on defense. Does it mean Blysma iand Boucher are misusing talent or squeezing the creativity out of them?

JM coached Ottawa when they had a highly skilled lineup and they were among the highest scoring teams in the NHL, so your theory makes no sense. I'm sure JM would rather win 5-2 than 2-1 if he could. But it's pretty hard to do when your short your 4 most experienced d-men.

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