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11-26-2011, 11:20 AM
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Originally Posted by bigplay41 View Post
must say i hate everything about Boston...mostly because all they do is WIN.

Patriots----Hate Em!
Red Sox-----Especially Hate Em!
Celtics------Hate Em!

please Jets win this one so i can fall asleep tonight a happy man!
Funny how things change though. When I last visited Boston, it was:

Bruins --> Awful, it was the summer before the season where they finished last and picked Thornton #1 overall
Celtics --> Joke
Red Sox --> Mediocre, curse of the Bambino still in effect, missed the playoffs
Patriots --> On the rise, but they had been a laughingstock for the longest time

Fleet Center (as it was known then) wasn't even a year old, and locals dubbed it the 'Fleece Center' because a 12 oz. beer was *gasp* $6.00. Like I said, funny how things change.

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