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11-26-2011, 02:02 PM
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Originally Posted by AHMB Prez View Post
Two things here to point out. Back in January of this year you wrote a post stating how much you hate Gionta. So this thread wreaks Troll all over it.
Second i believe you are a Sens fan, so why the obsession with Gionta ? Does your wife think he's hot ? Because i am very curious on this one.
I was a MTL and Kovalev fan, so when Kovy went to Ottawa, I followed the Sens, AND the habs... If for you it means I'm trolling can't do much about it.

We all have players we like or dislike, Gionta is one I don't like much, and I was wondering why he seemed to be immune to criticism as I personally doesn't find him to be very dangerous most of the time. Sure he's a fine goal scorer, but if he once again gets only 45 pts this year, as he's not on pace to really beat that, I hope he gets his share of the blame, even if he gets more than 20 goals... Kovalev had 26 goals in his last season here and 65 pts total, and everybody said he had a bad year. So why is it ok for Gionta to not even reach 50 pts as long as he gets 25-28 goals ? (He's paid more than Kovalev and Koivu was back then).

I ain't trying to convince anyone they should hate Gio, I respect those who likes him by the way, it's only my opinion. Sorry to bring back Kovy/Koivu, but it was as a mean of quick comparison. I know they aren't the same types of players at all.

Although I have to admit, he's playing a lot better than Cammy is so far this year in every aspects.

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