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Originally Posted by Tikkanen View Post
Why doesn't the OP go to his doctor and tell us what his advice is? Then we can see who knows what they are talking about.
Dr. says: RICE and robax

Chiro says: Nerve pinch issue, made adjustment and see again in a week and rest
Says to keep streching (siatic style and hamstring stretch) and keep the lower back moving (i.e. don't stay sitting or lying down)

Also recommended inversion table

Being this is a chronic issue since football:
Use rub with capsicum
Use a vibration machine to loosen up the lower back and to stretch hamstrings, IT Bands, hip flexor's etc..

With the inversion table, the pain has significantly reduced

I don't like medicating, and would rather keep my back strechted and the muscles warm

I thought I was ready to go back, and played a game last night.

felt good during the game, but this morning, could barely get out of bed lol

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