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11-01-2003, 01:59 PM
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I am sure that Lowe would settle for some combination of Ebell and Tambellini or Cammo and a fourth but that doesn't make it a good deal for us. Why would we give up ANY of these guys in a combo for Comrie. Now I LOVE Comrie and think that he is THE guy that we should pursue because when he comes back he can play ANYWHERE on our top six that we want AND still play as our third line center and PKer too. He is solid in every spot you put him in and if that Allizone guy (whoever he is) EVER comes back you get Comrie as the missing winger on his line AND after this year we have our SOLID second line center.

That being said I wouldn't give up more than Ebell Modry and a mid pick for him. The Oils need a O minded D man and we have enough guys to make Modry available. His salary could be covered by what they were going to pay Comrie and you would still have enough to pay Ebell too. The Oil fans would LOVE Ebell up there and I feel that he would become a very good top sixer there.

I just agree with Dt's thinking on these things. With the exception of 87 we have NEVER had a great team that was built around a mix of super young players and veteran talent. I like the fact that Comrie is young but I still wouldn't give up two of our young studs for him and a pick or whatever else they want. Why? I mean, Frolov has star skills and is 20 and has yet to play for our team when it is healthy for more than a few games. Give the kid some time where his only responsibility is to be a young up and coming star winger for us and I feel he will shine. Cammo has the same skills and potential that Comrie has and if he was part of a deal (Ebell and Cammo) then sure, that would make sense but I wouldn't just throw him out like an expendable asset until I knew what he was capable of. Aulin (I don't think he will EVER be healthy) was starting to shine last year at the end and COULD also be a very good young player. Gleason was thrown to the wolves and was forced to be one of our go to guys on D this year and has been excellent when you consider that he had dick for NHL experience before this season and that he hasn't had one game where he was awful the whole game AND that he is 20. Grebs is considered by MOST NHL scouts etc as the best young D prospect not in the game and he is mentioned in the same breath as Pitkaenen and Jaybo quite often. Vis is starting to really look special. Tambellini has great skills and is very highly touted. ETC ETC ETC.

You have to give talent to get it but there is just no way in the world I would give up TWO of our top prospects for Comrie when it is VERY POSSIBLE that BOTH of those kids could be better than him in a year or two at the most.

I love Ebell and don't want to lose him but knowing that it takes talent to get it I would. I would add Modry in (of course expecting something back) on the deal because we are going to have to over pay a little bit to get the deal done and we have enough young D that have some O skills to fill his place there and they are all much better in their own end then Modry is right now. (if you ask me)

It just riles me a bit to see proposals that say things like "I bet we could get him for a comination of any of these two prospects Pushkaryov/Anshankov/Cammo/Tambs/Grebs/Gleason etc. I just think that would be allot like what we have done over the histroy of our org and as proven, that would be a big mistake.

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