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11-24-2005, 09:07 PM
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I use one and I like it... The heel is somewhat cracked, but it's holding together (just taped over it and it's fine). I like the light weight, so if you don't, then you might not want one. It seems to vibrate a little bit more than wooden sticks when shots hit it. I prefer it over my old wooden stick, but I guess you'd have to try one to know for yourself. And they're definitely durable. I've had my TPS XHale (which is discontinued I think) for like 3 years now (although I don't play too often anymore).

I don't know how much help that is, there's no way for you to really know unless you try one. If you're concerned with breaking wooden sticks all the time, it might be worth it to buy a composite and try it out for a while, then if you don't like it just keep it around as a backup.

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