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11-26-2011, 03:56 PM
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Originally Posted by MaindotC View Post
I heard some people on NPR talk about how people will lose interest in the game and how that happened to the NHL after their lockout. I don't think that's really the seems the NHL gained popularity by using the drama of the lockout to culminate with a thrilling re-entrance, a re-designed logo and increased marketing, television coverage, non-traditional/AHL venues for pre-season games, and the winter classiq housing almost 80K people plus broadcast rights. I don't know what the Neilesn ratings are (or how accurate they are) but I feel the NHL is way more popular than pre-lockout and it didn't hurt to have "the Next One" waiting in the draft.

I don't know what the NBA's plans are but they should use the re-entrance as a positive thing and give people a reason to be excited about the game resuming. As for the interest in this type of sport being it high-scoring...yes it can be a little boring but I tend to find a little more interest in how those 60+ pts are scored each time. Watching SU basketball (and it has been stated that college BB is waaayyy better than NBA) I think those kids work awfully hard to get each basket so I can get into it. The NBA's telecasts in HD are pretty sweet imho, but if they're not trying then it can get rather boring.

The NHL takes measures to make the game more enjoyable for the fans...perhaps the NBA should take equivalent measures to make it more catching.
The NBA won't be doing anything except rushing to get this CBA approved and then try to put together a 60+ game season in a month.

The NHL brought in pretty much a whole new system (salary cap) and lost a whole year. Plenty of reason and time to change things up quite a bit.

I have several friends who are huge sports fans in general, and were big hockey fans before the lockout, but are just getting back into the NHL in the last year or so. Took them about 5 years to come back to the league, they just lost interest after the lockout. Of course, they come back and talk about how the sport is better than ever (like I told them in '06!) but that's besides the point.

The NHL lockout and this NBA lockout don't compare at all, I wouldn't expect to see many changes at all in the NBA come out of this.

I'm not a big NBA fan, but my brother is, so I usually catch some games and try to keep at least a little knowledgeable on it. It just seems like too much dick wagging amongst the big stars; it's a bit much for me, especially after that Lebron/Big-3 thing last summer.

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